“De tijd is een reiziger” (Time is a traveler)
Modern and classical Korean poetry Selection and rendering:in Dutch Germain Droogenbroodt
A selection of poetry by the best modern Korean poets, as well as love poems by Kisaeng (Korean geishas) and Sijo, Korean short poems with some similarity to the Japanese haiku.

Publication in hard cover
164 pages, ISBNno. 9789490347314, Price: 19,50€
Postage Belgium The Netherlands and Spain: +3€
Other countries: + 5€
“Die Tautropfen der Morgenröte” (The dewdrops of Daybreak) Anthology, poems of Germain Droogenbroodt,
translated into German. Selected from 9 poetry books
Illustrations by Satish Gupta
IMPORTANT:the same selection of poems will be published in several languages, so that interested readers can buy the original verion or translations in other languages. Publications are planned sof ar in Dutch, English, Spanish and Croation.
Publication in soft cover (pocket)
207 pages, ISBNno. 9789490347307, Price: 15.90€
Postage Belgium The Netherlands and Spain: +3€
Other countries: + 5€

"Unshadowed Light" (Ontschaduwd licht) - Desombrada luz)

The latest poetry book by Germain Droogenbroodt Biligual Dutch-Spanish
Illustrations:by Yves Beaumont

Publication in hard cover

187 pages
ISBN 9789490347246
Price : Price: 19,50€, excluding postage Belgium & The Netherlands: + 3,55€ Postage EC: + 5€ Other countries: + 6€

“Unshadowed Light” (Ontschaduwd licht) - Desombrada luz)
Same publication as above but as pocket

187 pages ISBN 9789490347246 Price : Price: 15,90€, excluding postage
Belgium & The Netherlands: + 3,55€
Postage EC: + 5€
Other countries: + 6€

De mooiste Japanse haiku’s, deel 2

(The Most Beautiful Japanese Haiku, part 2)

Poems by the Japanese haiku masters: Bashô, Buson, Issa, Shiki and a large selection of other Japanese poets Japanese (partly) -Dutch Selection, introduction.
translation: Germain Droogenbroodt
Cover: Ho Huai-shuo
Illustrations: Leen FM de Vos

160 pages
ISBN: 9789490347215
Price: 19,50€, excluding postage Belgium & The Netherlands: + 3,55€ Postage EC: + 5€ Other countries: + 6€

“In de stroom van de tijd – En la corriente del tiempo”
(In the Stream of Time, Meditations in the Himalayas)

2nd Print!
Poetry by Germain Droogenbroodt
Cover & illustrations: Frans Minnaert

189 pages
ISBN: 978 94 90347 178
Price: 15,90€
Postage Belgium & The Netherlands: +3€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€

”De stem aan de andere kant -
La voz del otro lado

Modern poetry from Argentina

Translation: Germain Droogenbroodt – Jean Schalekamp
Selection and introduction:: Rafael Carcelén
Cover: Chihung Yang

Published in the hard cover series: a selection of poetry by the best modern poets from Argentina, poems about love, hope, solitude, the dictatorship and daily life:
a mirror of contemporary Argentinean society, one of the world’s most fertile countries in contemporary poetry, poems of Roberto Juarroz, Juan Gelman, Ajejandra Pizarnik, Luisa Futoransky, Hugo Mujica, Leopoldo Castilla, Jorge Boccanera, Fabian Casas, Martín Gambarotta, Claudia Masín and Marina Mariasch.

178 pages
ISBN: 9789490347130
Price: 19,50€, excluding postage
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3.55€
Postage EC: + 5€
Other countries: + 6€



“Als een vlinder een gedicht wordt”

Modern Macedonian poetry

Translation: Germain Droogenbroodt-Ana Topencarova
Selection: Lidija Kapushevska-Vladimir Martinovski

76 pages
ISBN 978 94 90347 123
Price: 15,90€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3€

Tegenlicht - Contraluz”
  2nd Print!
Poetry by Germain Droogenbroodt
Cover: Ho Huai-shuo
Illustrations: Satish Gupta

205 pages
ISBN: 978 94 90347 147
Price: 15,90€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3€

de Weg – el Camino”
  3rd print!

Poetry by Germain Droogenbroodt
Dutch - Spanish
Cover and illustrations: Satish Gupta

71 pages
ISBN: 978 94 90347 154
Price: 10,95€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3€

  2nd print!

Modern poetry from Poland
Poems by Czeslaw Milosz
Translation: Kris Van Heuckelom
Cover: Jan Lebenstein

161 pages
ISBN 978 94 90347 048
Price: 15,90€
Postage EC: add 5€
Postage outside EC: add 6€
Belgium&The Netherlands: + 3€

Hall 4, stand number 431

POINT Editions, founded in 1984 publishes mainly modern international poetry in Dutch translation, generally bilingual: original version+Dutch. Sof ar more than 80 poetry collections have been published. Not only poetry by world famous poets such as Milosz, de Andrade, Darwish, Brecht, Hernández, Elytis, Ritsos, but also anthologies of the most important modern poets from : Argentina, Austria, Bosnia, Chile, , Czech Republic, Germany, Haiti, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Spain as well as never translated poetry from Korea, Taiwan and haikus by the most famous Japanese haiku poets.

The newest POINT publication
De tijd is een reiziger (Time is a traveller)

Modern and classical Korean poetry

The English version of a few poems Korean poems:

The Hawk

I long to live in the sky
In the wind I long to float

On wings, on wings
I long to float on high

Swept by the wind
Trhough the sky

More desolate than man
In places unseen
More desolate than tears

Cold in heaven’s depts.
More desolate than loneliness

Swpt by the wind
Swept by the wind
As if on wings
I long to live.

Cho Byung-hwa

Translation: Kevin O’Rourke
When I close my eyes, you appear
When I open them, you are gone.
Maybe I cannot trust my eyes,
but my ears can her you.
In your absence
your presence breathes.

Ch’oe Nam-sŏn

Translation: Jaihiun Kim
Epitaph amongs sunflowers

Do not erect cold tombstones over my grave.
Plant yellow sunflowers above my grave
Let me look at the endless cornfield
Between the sunflower stalks.

Think of the yellow sunflowers as my glorious love
That resembled the sun.

If you see skylarks
Shooting into the sky from the green cornfield.
Think of them as my soaring dreams.

Ham Hyung-soo
Translation: Koh Chang-soo

No sooner ha sits wick
Been ignited
It strts racing towards the end.

A fragile resistance
Against a sure of darkness.
From whom has it inherited
The spirit of silent sacrifice?

Fate, perhaps.
Unconscious of time-limit
The moment it’s come into existance.

Though it keeps burning time-limited
It doesn’t grieve
But relishes every bit of
The flowering moments
in a dance.

Hwang Kŭm-chan
Love note

I will
go to you.
Even at risk of my live
will I go.
With hands empty
rinsed in the dew
I will go.
Even blind
I will go to you.

In this remorse
blue as the bluest waters
as the time accumulates
I will go.

I will go to you
husband in the next world
seeking the other half of my flesh.
Where the spirits linger
in the strands of jet-black hair,
calling, those souls one by one
I will go.

I will go to you.

Kim Namjo

Translation David R. McCann-Hyunjae Yee Sallee


Europa in versi: International poetry festival in Como, Italy
The 3rd poetry festival took place from 12 to 13 April in the Villa del Grumello situated at the dazzling Lake Come, and the University of Como, organized by La Casa della Poesia from Como

Laura Garavaglia, president of the poetry festival read the Italian translation of Germain Droogenbroodts poems at Villa del Grimello

La Cava (Pognana)

for Adolfo Franchini

Carved in the abdomen of the mountain
la Cava *

Uninterruptedly the splashing
the insistence of the water

At the horizon disappears
between mountain and mountain
the lake

Leaving behind the wrinkles
the wordless questioning
of time.

* “La cava” means stone quarry, name of the place, an old quarry, where Germain Droogenbroodt wrote “Do you know the country?,
Meditations at Lake Como, his second poetry book

A harmony of nature and human endeavor.

International Poetry Festival in Copenhagen

The International Poetry Festival in Copenhagen from 23rd to 27th May 2013

Poetry & music recital in Rome 2nd June 2013

Luca Benassi, Italian poet and translator in Italian of Germain Droogenbroodts poetry book The Road wrote also an epilogue for the Italian publication of Do you know the country? He read the poems in Italian. The well-known Italian tenor-guitar player Franco Todde who gave a concert at the Poetic Evening Concerts of Ithaca in 2012 embellished the poetry recital with a musical performance.

The famous Indian painter Satish Gupta guest at Ithaca

Satish Gupta, long year friend of Germain Droogenbroodt, illustrated before the poetry books The Road and Counterlight He stayed a week at the poets home and made 65 new drawings to illustrate the upcoming anthology “The Dewdrops of Daybreak”.

Satish Gupta making new drawings to Germains poems at Ithaca

having a toast after finishing the job


To Ganga prasad Vimal

Writing is gathering
weighing words
in candle-light

is silence
made audible


Germain Droogenbroodt

From: “The Dewdrops of Daybreak”
(anthology of 9 books of poetry)
The Poetic Evening Concerts at ITHACA

The cultural foundation ITHACA organized with great success the 4th editions of the Poetic Evening Concerts of Ithaca. Five concerts on Sundays from 21st July till 18th August. with excellent Spanish and foreign musicians and. Germain Droogenbroodt read as usual a few of his appreciated poems in 5 languages for the international audience. The foundation exhibited as well a series of pictures of the Spanish sculptor Teo San José, the German painter Eberhard Schlotter and the poet Germain Droogenbroodt made by the Dutch artistic photographer Loek Groenendijk and a few works by the artists.

an enthusiastic international audience comes year after year to the ITHACA-concerts

Roderigo Robles de Medina fascinated the audience from the very first touch

the trio Giner: three virtuoso musicians

The Armenian Susanna Gregorian, a female Paganini: a breathtaking performance!

Juan Lago, one of the best contemporary Spanish violinist

Guitar player Vicent Ballester, artistic director of the foundation, a virtuoso musician

Last but not least an excellent performance of Spanish Lieder by the Spanish mezzo soprano Silvia Peña

Teo San José, a gifted sculptor with worldwide fame, exhibiting at Ithaca

La Noche Poético-Musical 21.7.2013 - Roderigo Robles de Medina, piano

La Noche Poético-Musical 18 8 2013 - Vicent Ballester & Silvia Peña

a Noche Poético-Musical 18 8 2013 Poetry-Poesía- Germain Droogenbroodt

La Noche Poetica - Musica de Ithaca - 11 8 13 music 1

La Noche Poetica - Musica de Ithaca - 11 8 13 music 2

La Noche Poetica - Musica de Ithaca - 11 8 13 music 3

La Noche Poetica - Musica de Ithaca - 11 8 13 music 4

La Noche Poetica - Musica de Ithaca - 11 8 13 poems 2

Erba (Lake Como) exhibition, poetry & musicrecital and dance

In the footsteps of the admired German poet Goethe, Germain Droogenbroodt went to Italy and stayed a month a Lake Como, writing “Do you know the country? Meditations at Lake Como”, his second poetry book, a kind of “panoramic” poetry: Several poems have the names of villages located at the lake.
The title is also a verse by Goethe (Do you know the country where lemon trees flourish?). Two years ago, a group of painters discovered the poems.
They were so exited that a foreign poet had written so many poems about the lake that they decided to make paintings inspired by the poems of the Flemish poet. They exhibited in September their works at Erba, a village located at the lake, with recital of the poems, a music performance and dance.
It was apparently the poems Nighthorn and Il lavarello, a fish of the lake, which inspired most of the painters.


for Paul Celan

Full moon
strangling light
on the black water of the lake

like mosquitoes dancing
in the magic circle:
the ghosts of deceased poets

who followed the nighthorn’s call
lost in the haze.

Germain Droogenbroodt

From: “Do you know the country?
Meditations at Lake Como
Resident at the Writers’ Association of Shanghai 1-30th September 2013

An unforgetable experience!

The Shanghai Writers’ Association invites yearly a number op writers to stay 1-2 months in Shanghai to write and to give a number of readings at several cultural centres and Universities.
They invited this year Alan Carter (Australia), Anjali Joseph (India-England), Denyse Woods (Ireland) Joao Tordo (Portugal); Samanta Schweblin (Argentina) and the poets Lina Zerón (Mexico), Víctor Rodríguez-Nuñez (Cuba-USA) and Germain Droogenbroodt (Belgim-Spain). The writers were also invited to give a reading in English about “Breath” which has been translated in Chinese.
The association organized several readings: in the Shanghai Dramatic Art Centre, at the Fudan Universitty, at the Writers Association and in the city of Suzhou.
Germain Droogenbroodt gave also a recital with the Chinese guitar player Yi Yang at the Belgian Consulate of Shanghai and at the prestigious Minsheng Art Museum where Adonis, the world famous Arab poet had been before.
The Minsheng Art Museum published also a bilingual (Dutch-Chinese)booklet with 17 poems of the Flemish poet which has been offered free to the numerous audience.

Click here to read the lecture “Breath”

The 30 million city Shanghai, a few pictures

View from the colonial Bund. To the new Shanghai


Unmoved flowing
between past and present:

the river

reflecting at dusk
the heaven-defying towers
the colourful, ephemeral glitter

the testament
the stone trace of men.

Germain Droogenbroodt

Shanghai,Friday 6.9.2013

Higher and higher the heaving taunting towers

In the centre of the ciity, new buildings in the old style

A happy God in the Tao temple of Shanghai

A Mobile Super Market

In the early morning, Tai Chi in the park

recycling the Chinese way

Beautiful ancient bronze at the Shanghai National Museum:

Suzhou, The Venice of the East

Chinese gondolas

Chinese opera in miniature

The invited writers visiting the garden of the modest Administrator in Suzhou

Buddha keeping an eye on Germain while signing the Guest >Book

The garden of the Modest Administrator in Suzhou

The choice is free …

Poetry on the road...

The beautiful building of the Shanghai Writers’ Association

Recital by Germain Droogenbroodt and the Chinese guitar player Yi Yang in the Dramatic Art Centre, Shanghai 2.9.2013

one of the many articles in the leading newspapers

poetry recital at the Fudan University 10.9.2013

recital at the Belgian Consulate in Shanghai 17.9.2013

Publicity for the recital at the Minseng Art Museum

Recital and interview at the Minsheng Art Museum where before the world famous Arab poet Adonis gave a recital 20.9.2013

Notes on Germains Droogenbroodts poetry book by the late Professor and philosopher Dr. Yang Hongsheng

Meeting after many years with an old friend, the well known Taiwanese poet-painter Dr. Lo Ch’ing


More details will be added as soon as they are available

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