Woman with yellow hair, Pablo Picasso
Guggenheim Museums and Foundation

I live in your arms like a lonesome dream.
I am the wave that rose up again
From the foam that extends to the beach
And falls shattered between your eyes.

Like the light you tear from my eyelids,
Ash of darkness and abyss;
Like the blind beating of my ears,
Already a memory of air on marble,

I will again be the shattered kiss
Eager to drown between your lips,
And I will feel again on my body

The dark silence of your hair,
The thin rustle of your hands
And the ultimate sadness of sleep.

Alí Chumacero, México 1918-2010

Translation Germain Droogenbroodt-Stanley Barkan

from “Poesía reunida”,
Dirección General de Publicaciones, México