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ithaca 748 - Exile Janacs

748 | Exile – Christoph Janacs, Austria

Stefan Zweig, Kapuzinerberg, Salzburg, Clemensfranz   EXILE for Stefan Zweig A world traveller, you always wanted to be but not an…

747 | Question – Germain Droogenbroodt, Belgium/Spain

Golden Planet, ©Tamara Javurek, Germany https://maraart.de Question Where did you come from where will you go? How long will last your…

paiting by ithaca 746

746 | A Foolish Man – Ann Christine Tabaka, USA

Painting by John Hacking, The Netherlands A Foolish Man Legend tells of a foolish man. He stands before himself, he stands…

starry night - illustration by Ithaca 745

745 | Los poetas trabajan de noche – Alda Merini, Italia

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

starry night - illustration by Ithaca 745

745 | The poets work at night – Alda Merini, Italy

The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh The poets work at night The poets work at night when time does not press…

Schilderij van Jean Mirre - bij ithace 744

744 | Change words – ANITA RÓG-BINDACZ, Poland

THE STRANGE WORDS With all those words I meet on the pavement of the street, what can I do? With all…

sculptuur bij ithaca 743

743 | Ostinato – Eugénio de Andrade, Portugal

Sculpture by Marie-Paule Deville Chabrolle, France Ostinato * To the desire, to the sharp shadow of desire, I surrender. My branch…


742 | Larbi Ben M’hidi – ABDELKADIR KECHIDA, Algeria

Sculpture by Félix Roulin, Belgium Larbi Ben M’hidi * In memory of Independence Day A bright smile appeared on his face.…

schilderij vlinder hoort bij 741 poëzie


Butterfly’s Flutter   In that moment of loneliness With helplessness subdued Pride wounded And heart-rendered One seeks to unshackle The restraints…

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