The CulturalFoundation ITHACA


Founded in 2008 as a Spanish sister foundation of the Belgian publishing house POINT Editions, founded in 1984, the cultural foundation ITHACA has rapidly built up an international fame as organizer of multilingual poetry recitals, splendid music performances and exhibitions of paintings by excellent artists, receiving offers by national and international artists, interested in cooperation. The foundation cooperates with several cultural centres and Universities, but The Poetic Evening Concerts of Ithaca, yearly organized at the seat of the foundation in Altea (Alicante), Spain, are its most important cultural event, yearly organized at the seat of the foundation in Altea (Alicante), Spain.

The objective of the Foundation ITHACA is to be a cultural bridge for Spanish artists, poets and musicians to other countries and vice versa. The Foundation organized already several cultural activities in Spain, concerts, poetry readings and exhibitions of paintings and sculptures by well-known Spanish and foreign artists

Exhibitions of paintings: The Foundation organized exhibitions of paintings by and sculptures by the world famous Indian artist Satish Gupta, by the Belgian artists Frans Minnaert, Roland Monteyne, Felix Roulin and Yves Rhayé. By the German: Siegfried Reich an der Stolpe, by the English Allan Smallwood, by the India Satish Gupta, by the Spanish Luis Pla, Riera I Aragó and Fernando de Quiróz, by the Chilean Víctor Ramírez, the Brazilian Graça Marquez, the Chinese Lo Ch’ing and Wang Lee from Taiwan, the Swiss Verena Eichenberger…

Publications: The Foundation ITHACA published as well several scores: “Quatre Pieces pour viola et guitare” by the French composer Thierry Laforge and “Dos meditaciones para guitarra” by the Spanish composer Valentín Bielsa, as well as several books, including ”La jota en la comarca de la Sierra de Segura” and “Cancionero de la Sierra de Segura” by Marina García Jiménez.

Cultural cooperation

In Spain: the foundation cooperated with the Liceo Poético de Benidorm to organize a homage to the late Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti, with Denia Classics, with the Curso & Concurso Internacional de Música de Benidorm, with the Jornades de Guitarra “Ciutat de Dénia”, organized in Altea a Gala to support the humanitarian organisation Visió Sense Fronteres. Organized poetry & music recitals as well, as exhibitions at the cultural centres of Alfas del Pi, Alicante, Calpe, Denia, Elda, La Nucía, Petrer…

International: The foundations Ithaca cooperates with POINT Editions (Belgium), The Academy Mihay Aminescu, organisator of the International Poetry Festival in Craiova (Romania), with JUNPA (Japan Universal Poets Association, Japan), with Margutte (Italy), with Poieinkaiprattein (Greece) and  Cross-culturalcommunications (USA).

International representations

ARAB COUNTRIES: Professor, author Dr. Benaissa Bouhmala

AUSTRALIA: poet, translator, publisher George Roca

BANGLADESH: poet, organizer Aminur Rahman

CHINA: Dr. Li Dingjun, professor, poet, translator (poet’s name Hai An).

ITALY: poet, translator, organizer Laura Garavaglia

MONGOLIA: poet, publisher .Mend-Ooyo,

ROMANIA: poet, organizer Ion Deaconescu, author, translator Gabriela Căluțiu Sonnenberg

RUSSIA: professor, poet, translator Viacheslav Kuprianov,

SLOVAKIA: poet, translator , editor Dr. Milan Richter.

JAPAN: Mrs Mariko  Sumikura and Taeko Uemura, poets, translators

USA: poet, translator, editor Stanley H. Barkan,

For the local cultural activities in SPAIN: music director, Vicent Ballester, Luis Pla (painting), Rafael Carcelén (poetry), Marijke & Marius van Wijk (Dutch contacts),  Gabriela Căluțiu Sonnenberg (contacts with Romania), Uta (German contacts).

The Poetic Evening Concerts of ITHACA

The cultural Foundation Ithaca organizes every year in July and August 5 Sundays concerts of classical music by excellent Spanish and foreign musicians, poetry recitals in 5-6 languages and exhibitions of paintings and sculptures by excellent Spanish and foreign artist.

Any proposal of a – professional – cultural exchange project with the Foundation is welcome and will be carefully studied. Mail to:

September 2015: in Craiova, Romania

16th till 20th September

“International Poetry Festival Mihai Eminescu” with participation of more than 40 poets from all over the world

October 2015: in Zagreb, Croatia

1st till 4th October

“Zagreb Literary Talks”

With poets and authors from several countries

October 2015: in Antwerp, Belgium

31st October,

Opening of the 79th Book Fair in Antwerp, where POINT Editions exhibits till the 11th November.

November 2015: in Antwerp, Belgium

till the 11th November, POINT exhibits its publications of modern international poetry at the Book Fair in Antwerp, Belgium.

November 2015: in Denia, Spain

“La Noche del Flamenco”, repetition of the “Poetic Evening Concert of Ithaca” which had been  sold out, with the legendary flamenco guitar player “Serranito” and Vicent Ballester

More details will be added as soon as they are available


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