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Víctor Ramírez Nuñez, Cuba


what does the peasant
right in the middle of a furrow
weeds no longer relevant
facing the freeway
…………………………where cars hum
for a moment head-raised want to tell you?
that it’s rained and the corn is coming up strong this year?


that the sun’s yolk
has just burst the horizon
starry with palms and agave flowers?
that work is hard
and you won’t write about all this?
tulips glimmer
only proof the sun survives


leaves aren’t tame
they turned to glass in the night
when the workers cut the grass
who knows where they look
the sun wins the bet
overflows the trumpet tree tops
under the bridge the landscape

Víctor Rodríguez Nuñez

©Translation: Katherine M. Hedeen ***

Seamus Justin Heaney, 13 April 1939– 30 August 2013) was one of the most important Irish modern poets, playwright, translator and lecturer and the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995. Heaney was a professor at Harvard and at a professor of poetry at Oxford.
Faber and Faber published Death of a Naturalist. This volume earned him numerous prizes, such as the E..C. Gregory Award, the Cholmondeley Award in 1967, the Somerset Maugham Award in 1968, and the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize. His second volume, Door into the Dark, was published in 1969 and became the Poetry Book Society Choice for the year.
In 1970-71 he was a guest lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley. He returned to Northern Ireland in 1971, resigned in 1972 his lecturship. and published Wintering Out.
In 1965, in connection with the Belfast Festival, he published Eleven Poems. In 1979 he published Field Work and in 1980, Selected Poems and Preoccupations: Selected Prose. Heaney’s collection, Seeing Things, published in 1991, contains many poems for his father.
Perhaps his most moving works are the series of sonnets called “Clearances,” written as a memorial to his mother. Heaney’s poetry is filled with images of death and yet it is also firmly rooted in the life of this world.
His death, the 30th August 2013, has been a great loss for modern Irish poetry. His books sell by the tens of thousands. His death the 30th August 2013 has been a great loss for modern Irish poetry.

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