TOBY TOVER-KREIN “A Cell Phone Relationship”
acrylic/mixed media/archival cardboard/canvas
30″h x 40’w Lucite edge framed

Painting by Toby Tover, USA


When technology takes all power

and no more facilitates

human relations,

but replaces them.

When we do not talk anymore together

except by mobile phone or computer

and every human intimacy

becomes secondary.

When children do not play anymore together,

but each one only in his own electronic world,

and a mother does not give her breast

unless her eye is fixed on the mobile screen.

And if we see a reason
to maintain the human race,

it only will be

by in-vitro fertilization,

then we will be lost.

Thór Stefánsson, Iceland

Translation by the author, Germain Droogenbroodt and Stanley Barkan

from: „Réflexions“, Editions du Cygne, 2023