654 | Last song | Miguel Hernández, Spain

Poem Ithcaca 658

“Cobwebflowers” poetry by Miguel Hernández
Cover painting by Siegfried Reich an der Stolpe, Germany

Last Song

Painted, not void:
my house is painted
with the color of great
passions and misfortunes.

It will return from the wailing place
where it was carried
with its deserted table,
with its vacated bed.

Kisses will flower
on the pillows.

And wrapped around the bodies
the sheet will elevate
its urgent creeper
nocturnal, perfumed.

Hatred will be amortized
behind the window.

The claw will be gentle.

Grant me the hope.

Miguel Hernández, Spain (Orihuela 1910 – Alicante 1942)

Translation Germain Droogenbroodt – Stanley Barkan

from “Flores de telarañas – Spinragbloemen”, POINT Editions 1993