The 7th International Poetry Festival Mihai Eminescu

The 7th International Poetry Festival Mihai Eminescu en Craiova, Romania, 2019

Germain Droogenbroodt reciting his poetry at the Philharmonia in Craiova, Romania, 2019
Guest of Honour of Craiova


Craiova, one of the most beautiful cities of Romania
Poetry, Painting and Music at the Cultural Centre of Curtea de Argues, Romania, 27.6.2019


Gabriela Calutiu introduces the Belgian and the Chinese poet at the Cultural Centre of Curtea de Arges, 27.6.2019


The audience and the paintings of Barbara Walder at the Poetry, Painting and Music Festival in Curtea de Arges


The Flemish poet received in Romania 3 medals as poet and promotor of internal poetry