Any Way the Wind Blows, Raquel Lanseros, Spain

Any way the wind blows

For all those who feel that they aren’t in control

I would have liked to be the disciple of Icarus.
It would have been beautiful to celebrate
the wedding of Calixto and Melibea.

I would have liked
to be a Hittite before Queen Nefertiti
young Werther in Rio de Janeiro
the dazzling lady from Seville
for whom Don José rejected Carmen.

If only I could have been the poet’s grove
with its green tree and its white well
the fiscal inspector with whom Mayakovsky spoke.

I would have liked loving you. I swear it.

Only lots of times wishing just isn’t enough.

Raquel Lanseros, Spain (1973)
Translation: Gordon E. McNeer

From: “Croniria”, Valparaíso, Clayton, 2014, USA

Painting: The Fall of Icarus, Pieter Breughel