Presentation of the poetry book of Rose Ausländer

Presentation of the poetry book of Rose Ausländer, organized by the Embassy of Austria and the  Goethe-Institut at the Embassy of Austria 6th November 2017 in Den Hague, The Netherlands

Mrs  Dania Bouwman greats the audience at the attractive drawing room of the Austrian Embassy

Dr Hub Nijssen introduces the work of Rose Ausländer, one of the most famous German writing poets of the former century. The book “Weil es nichts Schöneres gibt” (Because there is nothing more beautiful) is published by POINT Editions, Belgium

Germain Droogenbroodt, translator and editor of the book, recites in German and Dutch a selection of the published poems.

My breath

In my deepest dreams,
the earth cries

Stars smile
in my eyes

When people come to me
with multi-colored questions
I answer
go to Socrates

The past
converted me into poetry
I inherited
the future

My breath is called

Rose Ausländer, (Czernowiz 1901 – Düsseldorf1988)
Translation Germain Droogenbroodt