A Profile on Point…

POINT (POetry INTernational), founded in 1984, has translated and published poetry from THE WORLD’S BEST KNOWN & UNKNOWN POETS. Poetry from: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Croatia, Cuba, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Mexico, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Slovakia , Spain, U.S., Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey…
Point was founded in Belgium by the Flemish poet Germain Droogenboodt with the idea of realising “a human, international conversation, between all people by means of translating and publishing poetry”. Most POINT publications are anthologies, focusing the poetry from one country. This consists of an introduction into the poetry evolution of the selected country, a short bio-bibliography and 3-4 poems per poet, generally in the original language and in Dutch translation. Moreover the cover is always a reproduction in full colour of a work of art by a famous painter from the same country. Some editions have more illustrations inside the book.
World famous poets have been published in POINT editions. A small selection: Argentina: Juan Gelman, Roberto Juarroz, Alejandra Pizarnik, Bosnia: Mak Dizdar, Izet Sarajlic, Canada:  Margaret Atwood, China: Bei Dao, Duo Duo, Czech Republic: Jan Skácel, Germany: Bertold Brecht, Sarah Kirsch, Peter Huchel, Reiner Kunze, Iran: Sohrab Sepehri, Ahmad Schamlu, Japan: Basho, Busson, Issa, Shiki, Mexico: Octavio Paz, Xavier Villaurutia, Peru: Cesar Vallejo, Portugal: Eugenio de Andrade, Ramos Rosa, Casimiro de Brito, Spain: Miguel Hernández, José Ángel Valente, Francisco Brines, Peru: César Vallejo, Turkey: Nazim Hikmet, Palestine: Mahmud Darwish, Taiwan: YU Kwang-chung, Lo Fu…But also excellent, but abroad unknown poets from Bulgaria, Chile, Iceland, Korea, Morocco… etc.
So far, POINT published more than 90 books of poetry and publishes also in cooperation with its Spanish sister company the Cultural Foundation ITHACA books on music, publications in Spanish as well as scores. At POINT’s website – see POINT’s Favorites – one will find poems by famous modern poets from all over the globe, a list which is extended at each quarterly upgrade.
The anthology “The Winged Word, part I” (Het Gevleugelde Woord, deel I), has been published to mark POINT’s 10th anniversary and contains the best poems, selected from POINT’s publications of modern international poetry. A second anthology, “Het Gevleugelde Woord, deel II) has been published to celebrate POINT’s 15th anniversary.

In order to promote its publications, POINT organizes regularly poetry recitals with music performances in cultural centres and art galleries, exhibits yearly at the Book Fair in Antwerp and participates at poetry festivals and congresses worldwide.

To do something, how little and futile it might be, for a more beautiful, a more peaceful, a more human world

* Information about leading poets, especially from less known countries,
is most welcome and will be studied carefully.

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