World Poetry Day

Poetry: a Bridge between Cultures
Poetry & Music Recital in Elda (Spain)

Benissa Trio Test, 15cm breed

Introduction: Rafael Carcelén
Poetry: Germain Droogenbroodt
Guitar: Vicent Ballester
Flute: Bart Bakker

Poetry recital in Spanish with musical intermezzos
Albéniz, Tarrega, Piazzolla, Ibert, Bakker y Carlos Cardel 

  1. Monday, 21st March at 21.h.
    Free entrace
    Teatro Castelar, C:/ Jardines, 24, 03600 Elda (Spain)

DO NOT follow the stars of the night
but go upstream following the darkness
earthly and palpable

don’t save the alms
share bread and wine
with the nomads of the night

throw roses in the break of day.

Germain Droogenbroodt
from: “Counterlight”

Peaceful morning in the Himalayas

It appears
as if the previous night
has quenched every thirst

The day comes with light
and voices of birds
strange to the ear

In the distance
the wavering sound
of a reed flute:

a morning prayer
for Shiva, for Buddha
or for whatever god.

So peaceful appears this morning
as if after so many ages
humanity were at peace
finally at rest.

Germain Droogenbroodt

from: “In the Stream of Time, selected poems of Germain Droogenbroodt”


Tender love poem

The wind blew through your hair
and I was jealous
because the wind alike
I could not caress all your hair.

Germain Droogenbroodt
From: “Unshadowed Light”