746 | A Foolish Man – Ann Christine Tabaka, USA

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Painting by John Hacking, The Netherlands

A Foolish Man

Legend tells of a foolish man.

He stands before himself,

he stands before no one else,

answers to none.

A wake of destruction in his path.

His calloused fingers match his calloused heart.

Black streaks of loathing and desire

overturning any evidence of compassion,

if ever compassion drew a breath.

Seeking unattainable dreams,

he axes down the forest

to make room for his redemption,

senselessly destroying all.

Barren wastelands stand,

where once green woodlands thrived.

Towering edifices of aspired wealth

reign over impoverished hope.

Lives crushed under the weight of

a headstrong need to overmaster.

Razing all that is beautiful and right

to obtain a fool’s portion.

He has crept into our world

he lives among us now.

Ann Christine Tabaka (USA)

* Published by Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2023, Demer Press